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"Jennifer Rowley’s Aria Bootcamp was one of the best uses of my time, and best investments I’ve made in myself as an artist so far in my career! I’m so happy with the videos I made with SimplySing, and felt more confident than ever before while recording because of the work and attention I got from Jen and the team she assembled all throughout Bootcamp, preparing those arias. The entire experience was incredibly positive and productive! I can’t recommend Jen’s Aria Bootcamp enough!!"

Hanna Brammer, Soprano
Sarasota Opera, St. Petersburg Opera, Opera Columbus
Year(s) Participated: 2022

“The Aria Bootcamp helped feel much more secure and confident with my technique going into audition season. We were able to collaborate with such great faculty and the best part was having those collaborations continue even after the program. We were busy every second of the program, but I felt more focused and accomplished at the end. I would return in a heartbeat!”

Jessica Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Mezzo-Soprano
Opera Santa Barbara, Lyric Opera Orange County

Year(s) Participated: 2022

“Aria Bootcamp was a great experience that prepared me for a successful audition season! As a result of our daily coachings and peer performances, I felt confident in my aria package and ready to demonstrate growth in auditions. The industry day auditions were also helpful for receiving feedback and trying out new ideas in a safe environment. The acting coachings with Scott Skiba challenged me to push out of my comfort zone and dive deeper into the specifics of the characters. Jennifer Rowley’s command of repertoire and vocal instruction gave me tools and insight that I will carry throughout my career. It was a pleasure to work with the staff at Aria Bootcamp!”

Julia Wolcott, Soprano
Sarasota Opera, Studio Artist
Year(s) Participated: 2022

Attending Aria Bootcamp really helped me prepare for the audition season. The in-person work with Jen gave me a super solid foundation in my rep, and I was able to get brand new-to-me pieces on their feet very quickly. I also particularly enjoyed the acting sessions which focused on presenting my arias in a recording setting. Everyone there was incredibly supportive and worked very hard - it was so motivating to work alongside my peers and with some brilliant coaches every day. 

Megan Koch, Soprano
Shreveport Opera, Fort Worth Opera
Year(s) Participated: 2022

"Jennifer Rowley's Aria Bootcamp was one of the best training summer experiences I've had in this field: nine intensive days of the carefully built curriculum that fit many vital components of what a successful career in opera requires these days. It reminded me of what my undergrad teacher told me about her experience with Carlo Bergonzi at the Accademia Teatro Alla Scala. I found the Bootcamp's structure far more effective than participating in a summer festival where you mainly find yourself as a chorus member for three months. The individual approach and supportive environment among the faculty and The Aria Bootcamp participants set everyone up for a productive time and a successful recording session, which concluded the program. If you like me, an artist who values their time, Jennifer Rowley's Aria Bootcamp is for YOU!"

Maria Vasilevskaya, Soprano
Palm Beach Opera, Apprentice Artist

Year(s) Participated: 2022

"Jennnifer Rowely's Aria Bootcamp was a wonderful opportunity for me to polish up my repertoire and work with some amazing industry professionals.  In addition to taking lessons with Jennifer, who is an incredible technician, I got to work with so many great coaches and perform in front of my colleagues regularly, which was extremely helpful for getting ready for audition season.  Aria Bootcamp is a great program for both artistic growth and networking."

Kayla Nanto, Mezzo-Soprano
Pensacola Opera, Apprentice Artist

Year(s) Participated: 2022

"Jennifer Rowley’s Aria Bootcamp was a superb end-of-summer session! I found it to be the perfect ‘audition season starter pack’, which included lessons with Ms. Rowley herself, musical and dramatic coachings, high quality audition video recordings, a day singing for industry professionals, masterclasses and much more!! I’ve always coined Jen as the ‘young singer whisperer’ who knows what is needed to help map out any next step! I can’t recommend this program enough!!"

Alexandra Raskazoff, Soprano
Palm Beach Opera, Opéra Santiago de Chile, Laffont Competition Grand Finals Winner
Year(s) Participated: 2022

"Jennifer Rowley's Aria Bootcamp was absolutely the highlight of my summer. She brought some of the BEST teachers, mentors, and coaches together for a fulfilling program of work and FUN! I left ABC polished, prepared, and excited for the audition season (not to mention the beautiful aria recordings done by SimplySing Studios). Jennifer Rowley is knowledgeable, an extremely hard-worker, a kind soul, and a fierce advocate and mentor to young artists. I would highly recommend this program to anyone and everyone no matter where you are in your vocal journey."

Sara Kennedy, Soprano
Camerata Bardi/Teatro Grattacielo, Painted Sky Opera, Sarasota Opera, Opera Arlington
Year(s) Participated: 2022

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